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Paying for Medical Treatment

Did you know Kristopher and the Law Offices can help you pay for your medical bills while you wait for a settlement?  When the bills start to pile up there is immense pressure to cut your treatment short and settle your injury case as soon as possible. The insurance companies know this and will often offer a quick “low-ball” settlement that does not fully cover your losses.  Therefore, Kristopher will work directly with you and your Doctors and help you obtain ALL the medical treatment you need.

There are four popular ways to pay for your medical treatment. We can help you select the best method for your case.


If you qualify financially, the state of Arizona can provide/subsidize you your health care through a program called AHCCCS. You can apply HERE. If you have AHCCCS we can submit your bills to them to process while we work on your case. While AHCCCS must eventually be repaid in full, they are quick and easy to deal with and their payments are often very low. In fact, most AHCCCS liens are lower than the typical Medical Lien. This is one of the best ways to pay your medical bills and maximize your settlement.

Medical Lien:

A medical lien is where your Doctor bills you directly. BUT, the Doctor agrees to wait for payment until you receive your settlement. Once the settlement is received we will pay the Doctors bills directly from your settlement. Because we work direclty with your Doctors, we can often negotiate to lower the bill so you can receive a larger award and avoid any out of pocket costs.  If you do not have any kind of insurance this is probably your best and only option.

Private Health Insurance:

If you have your own private insurance or an employer provided health insurance, then you can submit your medical bills direclty to your insurance carrier. However, it is important to remember that some (but not all) health plans will place a lien on your settlement. Unless you happen to have a copy of your policy, have no way of knowing whether your particular plan has the legal right to request a lien or not. If you want to know whether to expect a lien, contact your HR department. The question to ask them is, if you submit your accident related medical bills to your health insurance, and there is an injury settlement, does the employer’s insurance company have a “right of subrogation?” If yes, your private insurance will place a lien on your settlement that has to be repaid before a settlement can be paid to you. The good new is, the insurance company will often negotiate the lien down significantly.


Like AHCCCS, Medicare/Medicaid is goverment provided health care. Medicare and Medicaid can be difficult to deal with and must be reimbursed 100% whatever they pay your Doctor out of your settlement funds.  Due to the bureaucracy involved with Medicare, we find that dealing directly with your Doctor on a medical lien is preferable to a Medicare lien.  However, this is still a viable option if you need your medical bills paid.

Call or email the Law Offices of Kristopher K Rezagholi right now and set up a FREE consultation so we can discuss which payment option makes the most sense for your case.

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