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Criminal Penalties in Phoenix

Criminal Penalties:

Arizona sentencing law is a very complicated and technical matter. There are numerous factors that go into determining a person’s sentence. The following Charts of penalty ranges are for meant to be guidelines only. Depending on your circumstances it is possible to receive a lesser or greater sentence than what is listed here. If you are facing a criminal charge please contact us immediately to schedule a consultation so we can go over your specific charges and what a potential penalty may be.

Arizona Felony Charges:

Arizona Felony sentencing is complicated. The following are some of the most common types of sentencing you are likely to encounter. It is important to keep in mind that the following terms are served in the Arizona Department of Corrections, i.e. prison. They can also carry significant probation, fines, restitution and loss of civil rights.

1st Time Offenders:

The following sentencing guidelines apply to First time Felony Offenders for Non-Dangerous Felonies.

Felony Class Minium Sentence Presumptive Sentence Maximum Sentence
Class 2 4 years 5 years 10 years
Class 3 2 1/2 years 3 1/2 years 7 years
Class 4 1 1/2 years 2 1/2 years 3 years
Class 5 3/4 years 1 1/2 years 2 years
Class 6 1/2 years 1 years 1 1/2 years

2nd Time Offenders:

The following sentencing guidelines apply to Felony Offenders with a Prior Felony Conviction.

Felony Class Minium Sentence Presumptive Sentence Maximum Sentence
Class 2 6 years 9 1/4 years 18 1/2 years
Class 3 4.5 years 6.5 years 13 years
Class 4 3 years 4.5 years 6 years
Class 5 1 1/2 years 2 1/4 years 3 years
Class 6 1 years 1 3/4 years 2 1/4 years

Arizona Misdemeanor Charges:

Arizona Misdemeanor Charges are less complicated and have less variation then felony charges. However, they can still result in significant jail time.

Misdemeanor Class Maximum Jail Maximum Fine (Person) Maximum Fine (Enterprise)
Class 1 6 months $2,500 $20,000
Class 2 4 months $750 $10,000
Class 3 1 month $500 $2,000
Petty Offense No Jail time $300 $1,000

Drug Sentencing:

Drug crimes carry their own sentencing guidelines. To review the consequences of a Drug Conviction please review our Section on Drug Crimes.

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