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Civil Litigation is the process by which private parties resolve their disputes through the Court. The types of Civil Litigation handled by the Law Offices include Personal Injury and Commercial Litigation.

Our Personal Injury litigation practice focuses exclusively on individuals that have been injured through no fault of their own. Some representative cases we have handled include people injured in car or motorcycle accidents or people injured by medical malpractice. Visit our Personal Injury page for more information.

Our Commercial Litigation practice focuses on representing individuals and small to medium size business owners and entrepreneurs. We have represented both plaintiffs and defendants. Some of the representative cases we have handled include lease and credit card suits, breach of contract, domain name suits and shareholder buyouts. Visit our Commercial Litigation page for more information.

If you would like to learn whether you have a case or not, please contact the Law Offices for a consultation. ALL PERSONAL INJURY CONSULTATIONS ARE FREE.

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When you retain our firm your case is our number one priority. Litigation is a long term commitment. It is not uncommon for cases to take a year or more before a final resolution. It is essential that you have a high level of trust in your attorney and a great working relationship. Your matter will not be farmed out to a contract attorney or associate you have never met. You will always know who is working on your case at all times and can speak with your attorney whenever you have a question or concern.

Cutting Edge Experts & Techniques

As our lives become more and more complex so to do the civil litigation cases we handle. As a result, you often need to retain experts in various fields such as accident reconstruction, forensic accounting or medical malpractice. At the Law Offices we use only the most well-respected and knowledgeable experts to work on your case. If your case is contingency, all expert fees are paid up front by the Law Offices with no charge to you unless we prevail on your claim. At the Law Offices we are always looking for an edge, so we stay up to date on the latest litigation techniques in jury selection, trial strategy and expert testimony. If you would like to learn whether you have a case or not, please contact the Law Offices for a consultation. ALL PERSONAL INJURY CONSULTATIONS ARE FREE.

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The Law Offices offers fair, affordable and competitive prices and one-time flat fees. We will not impose any "add-on" fees, all services are included in one quote. Do not fall for attorneys offering excessively "discounted" pricing. Attorneys that underbid often make up the difference by taking a high volume of cases and, as a result, will not be able to offer you individualized attention or review. If your attorney makes just once mistake your “savings” will go straight out the window. The Law Offices schedules appointments Monday through Saturday to work around your schedule. You may call (480) 306-8875 or E-mail us 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week to schedule an appointment.

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Top Ten Personal Injury Tips

A police report is a very helpful tool particularly if there was an accident as the responding officer will collect statements from the parties and witnesses. The officer might also cite the responsible party, which can make winning your case much easier.
If you have been seriously injured, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention. Too often people are injured and take a wait and see approach before getting treatment. This is a huge mistake. It is better to go in for evaluation and be told you are fine then wait a few days and be told you are too late. And the fact that you did not immediately seek out medical attention or told people you were “fine” will be used against you to lower your settlement.
While it may be necessary to communicate with the other party or officer after an accident you are under no obligation to state whose fault the injury was or to offer additional information. You are also under no obligation to speak with the other side’s insurance company. If you must speak with them to move the case forward, make sure you have discussed your rights with an attorney beforehand. As a general rule you should only discuss your injuries with your doctor and your attorney.
After an accident document everything. This includes hospital bills, medical diagnosis statements, photographs of your injuries, damages and the accident scene, repair estimates, insurance records, pay-stubs (if you miss work), rental cars, mileage traveled to and from doctor appointments and cancelled flights or vacations. It’s also a good idea to make a written account of the injury while the event is still fresh in your mind. You can also document how the injury has changed your life or restricted your activities such as sports, time with loved ones etc. All of this will be useful in establishing a fair settlement amount.
Consultations are always free so you have nothing to lose by contacting an attorney. An attorney should be able to let you know if:
  1. you have a viable case;
  2. any statutes of limitations are approaching; and
  3. whether the case has value.
Once you settle a lawsuit it is very difficult to overturn it absent a showing of outright fraud by the insurance company. As a result, you must be certain you know the full extent of your injuries because if anything comes up down the road you will be out of luck. You also need to be aware of all your medical bills and expenses. Often you medical providers, employer provided insurance, workers’ comp., Medicare, Medicaid or anyone else providing/covering your medical expense will have liens on your settlement proceeds that must be paid first. If you don’t know the full extent of your invoices your settlement may not be enough to cover it. If you hire the Law Offices, we can often significantly reduce these liens.
It is generally a good idea to use your own doctor for treatment and referrals to specialists, rather than one suggested by your attorney. Some insurance companies will be more skeptical of your claim if you use the attorney’s doctor. But sometimes this is unavoidable because you either don’t have a family doctor, he/she isn’t able to treat you effectively or will not wait for payment. In such cases, the Law Offices will help you find a reputable doctor of your choosing that will wait for payment.
Make sure that you file your lawsuit in a timely manner. All personal injury cases have a “statute of limitations,” which can vary depending on the type of claim or parties involved. Once the statute of limitations has expired, you might not be able to file your claim. But even if you have time under the statute of limitations, the longer you wait the more likely it is that evidence will be lost, witnesses will become unavailable or forget what happened or damages will become difficult or impossible to prove.
Normally everything you tell your doctor is subject to doctor-patient confidentiality. However, when you file a lawsuit you will almost certainly be required to waive that privilege so the opposing side can view your medical records to verify your claims. As such, you must take special care to be as clear and honest with your doctor as possible. All too often, people try to put on a brave face and down play their pain or injuries out of a misplaced sense of pride. Do not do this, your doctor is taking careful notes about your condition and these notes will ultimately be read by the insurance company. But more importantly, the doctor will not be able to effectively treat you if you are not 100% honest about your injuries.
More and more insurance companies are subpoenaing your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and other social media accounts. Why? Because they want to see if your claims about being in terrible pain match up with the activities and statements you are posting online. Don’t think that because you set your accounts to “private” that you can hide this from the Insurance company. It is very easy for insurance companies to take little snippets and quotes out of context and use them against you, so think long and hard before you post your next tweet. Better yet, suspend using your accounts until AFTER your case is resolved.
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