How long is my license suspension for a first Arizona DUI?

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July 10th, 2013 by

If this is your first DUI and you voluntarily agreed to the chemical test then, if and when your license suspension goes into effect, the suspension is for 90 days no driving.

However, you can receive a Restricted License for the last 60 days of your suspension if you timely complete alcohol screening and a completion certificate is uploaded to the MVD.

After the MVD receives a certificate of completion of the alcohol screening, it will mail you a restricted driving permit after the first 30 days of your suspension are completed. If you have any questions about the status of your restricted license you must direct them to the MVD by going to your local MVD office or calling 602-255-0072.

A Restricted License allows you to drive to and from the following: “place of residence and the person’s secondary or postsecondary school, according to the person’s employment or educational schedule, to travel between the person’s place of residence and the office of the person’s probation officer for scheduled appointments or to travel between the person’s place of residence and a screening, education or treatment facility for scheduled appointments.” No other driving is permitted.

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