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The Alcohol Screening class is a 15-30 minute one on one interview with an alcohol counselor who will ask you questions about your drinking habits and then recommend a treatment plan which you are not obligated to follow unless you are convicted of DUI. Typical treatment plan recommendations are 16 hours for first time offenders and 36-72 hours for multiple, extreme, super extreme or aggravated DUIs.

It would be a good idea to complete/schedule your MVD required alcohol screening as soon as possible. This is because the cost is relatively low ($20-50), and if you will be serving a standard DUI 90 day license suspension it will reduce the suspension to 30 days of no driving and 60 days restricted driving. Once completed your provider should electronically upload a certificate of completion to the MVD.

The other benefit of completing the Alcohol Screening early is that if you are ultimately convicted of DUI the Court will almost certainly sentence you to Alcohol Screening in exchange for less jail time. If you already completed the screening and/or any follow up classes you will get credit for doing so.

The following is a list of Alcohol Screening Providers in Maricopa County, Arizona. This is by no means an exclusive list and you are free to use anyone you want. Just make sure whomever you use is certified by the State of Arizona and knows how to file the appropriate paperwork with your specific Court and the MVD.

Scottsdale Treatment Institute: 3200 N. Hayden Road, Suite 170 Scottsdale, AZ 85251 480-429-9044. https://www.scottsdaletreatment.com (STI is the only provider that we are currently aware of that will allow you to take your screening classes via phone/webcam)

Stone Wall Institute. 4020 N. 20th St., Suite 302 Phoenix, Arizona 85016 602.535.6468 https://stonewallinstitute.com/

East Valley Substance Abuse Center, Inc. 1550 E. University Drive, Suite F1 Mesa, AZ. 85203 (480) 833-8122 https://duiprograms.com/

CHC 7447 E Earll Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Phone: 480-949-8871 https://justiceservices.com/

Rio Salado Behavioral Health Systems, Inc. 1308 West Camelback Road Phoenix, Arizona 85013-2107 Ph 602-252-9048 https://riosaladobhs.org/

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