Randi Sirlin, Esq.

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Randi Sirlin

Randi Sirlin has been practicing family law for over 28 years. Randi is available for special actions, appeals, post-trial motions, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Randi has a passion for family law which came to be, in part, due to being the child of parents who fought over child custody (legal decision-making and parenting time) for many years. Randi not only empathizes with her clients; she understands the toll divorce and child custody matters take on the entire family.

Randi is a trained Arizona Family Law Mediator and is also certified by the International Collaborative Divorce Association. She utilizes these skills to reach the best possible outcome for her clients. While mediation is often the best route, she is not afraid to take a case to trial, she will always fight to reach an equitable settlement for her clients

Randi maintains excellent relationships with her clients and enjoys those relationships very much. What is most important to Randi is the help she can provide to her clients, as she believes helping others is the most important thing one can do in life.

Randi studied English, Sociology and Political Science at the University of Arizona during college. She was a member of the Political Science Honorary and also excelled in post-graduate philosophy while still an undergraduate.

As an undergraduate student, Randi volunteered at the Pima County Public Defender’s Office as an investigative aide. Later, she completed an externship there in a felony division there and also volunteered as a law clerk for a number of years.

Randi worked for a number of highly respected, criminal defense attorneys in Pima County, including Daniel Cooper, Laura Udall, Robert “Bob” Hirsh and Howard Kashman. She also worked as a law clerk for the prominent civil litigation firm, Slutes & Sakrison while living in Tucson.

In her free time, Randi enjoys singing, learning to play the piano, watercolor painting, pastel drawing, sketching, writing poetry and non-fiction, hiking, biking, swimming and traveling.


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